We are board certified family physicians who have experience taking care of a wide variety of medical problems and diseases.  We currently assist patients with the management of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, obesity, asthma, thyroid disorders, musculoskeletal problems and injuries, dermatological conditions and allergies, just to name a few.  We encouage our patients to practice preventative medicine.  This means that through general physicals/Well Women Exams and appropriate screening tools we attempt to detect, diagnose and address medical problems at an early stage before there are complications. Additionally, we offer dietary and exercise counseling to assist you with disease management, prevention and weight loss.
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Dr. Blanco has admitting privileges at Doctors Hospital of Laredo.  During some weekends and holidays he will defer coverage to the full time hospital physicians. He does take care of newborns and pediatric patients at Doctors Hospital.  If possible, always call Dr. Blanco before going to the emergency room to ensure more efficient and improved care.
Dr. Blanco uses the hospital based physicians at Laredo Medical Center full time.  If you are admitted to LMC and want Dr. Blanco to visit and discuss your care with the admitting physician, you will need to call Dr. Blanco directly.  The emergency room and hospital based physician will NOT call Dr. Blanco at the time of your admission.  If you do not contact Dr. Blanco, he will not know about your hospital admission until you come for your follow up appointment.  Additionally, Dr. Blanco will not admit pediatric patients or take care of newborns at LMC.  These patients will be seen by the pediatrician and/or neonatogist on call.
Always call Dr. Blanco 523-8900 ext 5 before going to the emergency room.  ER visits are an extremely costly and often times unnecessary medical expense.  Additionally, allowing your personal physician to direct your care to the appropriate facility can prevent you from experiencing unnecessary complications, inconveniences or delays in treatment.  Dr. Blanco does not have privileges at "stand alone" emergency centers such as STAT ER and Laredo Emergency Room.  If you are admitted to the hospital from these ERs but a hospital room is unavailable, Dr. Blanco will not be able to see you in these emergency centers.  There may be some conditions that can appropriately be treated at these facilities but always call Dr. Blanco before visiting these emergency centers. Often times a simple phone call can help you determine if your condition is a true emergency or whether it can be seen at the walk in clinic or the following day in the office.